WordPress is one of the best content management systems (CMS) available today. It powers a huge percentage of the websites on the internet, and for good reason. WordPress is super diverse, offers a huge range of features and plugins, and let’s you do pretty much anything you want to your website.

Ultimately, I’d recommend using WordPress to build your next website – but I’m sure you want to know why. With this in mind, I’ve put together a short list of my top 5 reasons why you should consider using WordPress:

WordPress is super popular
WordPress’s popularity makes it a great choice for first time website builders. The fact that so many people use it means that there are a lot of resources available online. If you have trouble doing something, you will be able to find answers.

Even if you can’t find direct tutorials or articles outlining the things you need to know, you will be able to find answers on forums or in chat rooms. Anyway, the fact that WordPress is so popular speaks for itself – it mustn’t be too bad!

WordPress is open source
Most website builders aren’t open source and therefore come with some limitations. On the other hand, WordPress is fully open source, which means that you can edit absolutely anything you want – as long as you have the skills.

Ultimately, your website will only be limited by your imagination if you use WordPress.

WordPress gives you access to thousands of themes
If you want to build a beautiful website with a lot of design flexibility, WordPress is a great choice. It provides access to a huge range of themes, effectively letting you create the exact site that you want to.

On top of this, it’s possible to create your own custom theme. If you can’t find something that you like, then you could always pay a developer to create a theme for you.

WordPress is affordable
Most website builders make you pay monthly subscription fees if you want to use their services. On the other hand, WordPress is completely free.

You will have to pay for hosting, premium plugins, premium themes, and more, but the amount you spend essentially depends on your budget. For example, I recently built a new WordPress website for less than $2/month.

WordPress gives you access to thousands of plugins
One of the best things about WordPress is the huge plugin library that it comes with. If you really want to expand your site’s functionality then WordPress is a great option.

You can find plugins for pretty much anything you want – including SEO, social media integration, and the creation of online store interfaces. You might have to pay for premium plugins, but there are plenty of free options available as well.

Final Word
WordPress is one of the most popular CMS on the market, and for good reason. It is relatively affordable, open source , provides access to thousands of themes and plugins, and comes with a huge support base for beginners.

Ultimately, it’s definitely worth considering WordPress for your next website project.

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