SEO Strategy

3 Key Actions Every SEO Strategy Must Include

If an SEO strategy is to be effective, it needs to include a significant number of different strands and within each of them, there will be specific actions, tactics, and techniques.

In practice, the strategy of any single SEO campaign will differ from others depending on the individual who is planning and implementing it.

However, no matter what the nuances are between different SEO campaigns, there are still some basic principles which should be employed in all of them if they are to be successful. Here are three which should certainly be included.

Ensure Your Website Has All The Basics Right

If you are building a house, it will only stay standing if the foundations are solid, and that same principle applies to your website in terms of SEO. You can employ all the tactics you like, but if the basic elements of on-site SEO are not in place, they will be for nothing.

This includes ensuring metadata is correct and optimised for every page, and not just the home page. It also means checking that nothing is going to hinder the load speeds, and that all the security protocols are in place.


Instagram For Your Landscape Design Business

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram For Your Landscape Design Business

Landscape design is an extremely visual skill which relies on both artistic talent and an understanding of the various landscaping techniques and materials. Social media marketing is one of the best ways to gain exposure for your landscape design business, and when used well, can reap huge financial benefits.

Instagram is arguably the best way to capture both. It allows you to present visual landscape design related content – such as photos of your best work – to people who are interested and likely to make use of your services. Here are 4 reasons why you should always use Instagram for your landscape design business:

  1. Instagram allows you to connect with potential clients

As a visually oriented content platform, Instagram lets you post photos and videos which are likely to be attractive to people who are interested in landscape design. The best landscape design businesses have thousands of followers on Instagram, which allows them to connect with a wide range of people who have the potential to become clients in the future.

  1. Instagram lets you showcase your work

Instagram is one of the best ways to showcase your best landscape design work. One of the first things that potential clients will do when they’re thinking about using your services is search for you on social media. If you’ve got a strong following and a lot of high-quality content on Instagram, you will find it a lot easier to convince people to use your design services.


Guest Posts

Should I Write Guest Posts For Other Websites?

Building links back to your business website is one of the best ways to build a strong SEO rank. This is why link building is included in any digital marketing company’s suite of SEO services. A decent SEO ranking score will help your website appear high on the search engine results pages for a range of different keywords, which in turn should drive more traffic to your site.

Writing guest posts for other websites is one of the most effective ways to build high quality backlinks. However, it’s important to make sure that you don’t write posts for any of your competitors websites, or you may be benefiting them without meaning to. However, does this mean that you shouldn’t write for any landscaping websites?

Should I write for any landscaping sites?

The short answer is yes, you should definitely try and write guest posts for landscaping and landscape design related websites! However, you need to be careful about what sort of sites you choose. Consider the following when you’re choosing websites to write guest posts for:

  • Make sure that you don’t offer to write for any business websites that could compete with your for clients. Writing decent content for a competitor will not only benefit them, but it will probably also take clients away from you.



Optimising Your Web Pages for Great Pay-Per-Click Results

When you pay the search engines per click for traffic, it is a good way to work out very quickly if you have a problem with your website.

While it is vital to your internet marketing strategy that your website has quick load times – it is down right painful if you don’t have optimised landing pages for your Pay-Per-Click marketing!

If you are experiencing poor conversions from your test traffic, one of the first things that you should do is run a Web Page Speed Report for your site.


Designing Profitable Websites

More On Designing Profitable Websites

• Although graphics and images make your website look trendy, they also increase the loading time. Make sure you do not have too many images or your website will run slowly and the visitor may lose interest. Let there be graphics and pictures, but only where necessary.

• When you write any articles or details on the web, remember to keep your paragraphs short and simple. Internet browsers may not have time to go through wordy and lengthy sentences. Thus, split your paragraphs and sentences. The fonts and text color should not hurt the readers’ eye. You can use white space so that it relaxes the eyes and the reader doest get lost while reading. The font should be visible enough so that readers find it convenient to go through it. (more…)

Click Bank

Making Money Online With Click Bank

Click bank is the most well-known and popular affiliate program to earn money online. You must have seen ads flashing on the net to help you change your fortune by becoming a member of the affiliate network. This may not need much investment. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. There are several products on the click bank site that you can promote and earn good profits. Simply create an account and log on to visit an online market.

Click bank can be well termed as online marketing, as you will find variety of products put up for sale. After creating an account, you can choose any of the products to promote them. Always be cautious, when choosing any product. There are millions of products available leaving you with many options. Go for the products that pay you higher. However at the same time, these products should not be very common, since there will be several people selling the same products reducing your chances to earn profits. It is good to make a research concerning these products that would be available and which could most easily be sold. Choose rare products to sell, which would offer good value in return.


Internet Marketing Strategy

Branding – An Effective Internet Marketing Strategy

Branding has an important role to play in every organization. To survive in the competitive world, one has to create a brand for the company to be recognized among several other brands. To name a few, Coca Cola, Reliance has made a mark with their relevant industries. Internet itself envisages a huge market and thus you could pose a big challenge to brand your products. The Internet branding strategy differs from the normal methods.

The websites when came first in the market have been very successful in maintaining the brand. Sites like Amazon and EBay are still very popular and referred to. When entering the Internet market, you must be lucky enough to have no competition or else you need to step in the field with lot of financial backing and strong branding strategies to survive the competition. To build a brand, you need to make sure that your website is SEO (search engine optimized). An SEO website makes it easy to come and display your brand on the first page making it visible to vast number of people.

Internet Marketing Plan

Creating A Great Internet Marketing Plan

A well conceived Internet marketing plan can successfully project the name of your business earning you the recognition of your own brand. It will help you reach out to a huge group of potential clients and consumers. If you need to know how to go about making an Internet marketing plan for your business here are a few tips to help you start off in the right direction.

Determine your objective: You first need to consider what you want to achieve through Internet marketing strategy. Ask yourself whether your aim is to

• expand your customer base,
• provide your present customers with fresh information and services,
• increase the sale of your products and services,
• create an online community from your target audience,
• find out how much the Internet marketing plan is going to cost

Once you figure out what you really want to achieve from your marketing plan and have a definite budget for the plan it will help you make a truly effective marketing plan.