• Although graphics and images make your website look trendy, they also increase the loading time. Make sure you do not have too many images or your website will run slowly and the visitor may lose interest. Let there be graphics and pictures, but only where necessary.

• When you write any articles or details on the web, remember to keep your paragraphs short and simple. Internet browsers may not have time to go through wordy and lengthy sentences. Thus, split your paragraphs and sentences. The fonts and text color should not hurt the readers’ eye. You can use white space so that it relaxes the eyes and the reader doest get lost while reading. The font should be visible enough so that readers find it convenient to go through it.

• Do not be relaxed if your website looks good only on the Internet explorer. If your website breaks and does not show up well in Firefox or other browsers, you need to fix the problem. It is always better to view your website on various browsers to know how it looks. If your website is not coming up well on other browsers chances are you are losing many prospective customers.

• Do not be restricted to any particular script, as it may not open up on every computer and the visitor may miss important information. Always use normal script available that any server can easily open and read.

• Always make use of website templates as it saves both time and money when you want to create a new layout. However, when you make use of templates make sure you do not go in for very popular ones as many other websites may be using the same template too, and you may just be following the herd.

Apart from the website being user friendly, it also needs to appear neat and attractive. Following the tips above will help you make the most out of your website and increase traffic tremendously. A well design site is sure to help you earn loads of profit.