Everybody knows about the fact that in some form or the other, history has the tendency to repeat itself. When it comes to the prospect of digital marketing, the industry has seen a particular history of disruption that comes forth every now and then.

When the point comes that the current framework for digital marketing does not seem to be doing a good job, there is a need to bring forward a new one that will be effective. The latest framework that we have entered into is going to determine the future of digital marketing from this point forth. Here is a look at what digital marketing is and what it is slated to become.

What is Digital Marketing Like Right Now?

With the previous framework for digital marketing being centred around basic social media profile management, digital ads, email campaigns and websites, there is only been a priority to have more visitors to websites. There has been no precedence placed on trying to convert all the leads being generated. The current framework, on the other hand, includes a number of things to combat this issue and take the world of digital marketing forward.

Marketing Roles Are Changing

The aspect of digital transformation is not just in the domain of the CIO. The CMO needs to know more about it now than ever before. They need to implement marketing automation so that CIOs can get a fuller measure of the ROI.


A bigger focus on the aspect of accessibility – the changes in consumer behaviour has come to a point where they want access to everything as quickly and with the most convenience possible. Anything which offers them a better experience of accessibility is going to easily reel them in.

Customer Engagement

Consumers do not just want faster and more convenient accessibility. They also want something that fits their needs and allows interaction. There is a thirst for content like no other in this day and age and there is no question it is one of the main factors driving the customer behaviour. Transformation of marketing from something generalized for the masses to the individual customers and becoming a primary source of valuable content for the customer can only be achieved through focusing on the often overlooked aspect of customer care. The online conversation with the customers should now be consultative and marketing campaigns have to be more sincere now.

Personal Digital Assistants

You will have heard of Alexa by now. This is an AI driven personal assistant that has been designed to connect with people at all points during the day and establish a personal connection. This is one aspect of digital marketing that is set to explode within a year. The use of AI based personal assistants like Alexa and Google assistant is continuously improving to introduce the prospect of voice recognition and even more personalized services. (Google assistant can even make phone calls on your behalf now).

Final Thoughts

With all these expected and current trends, digital marketing is moving on to a completely different level from where it started off. Digital marketers need to keep themselves up to date on all of these trends and make sure that their marketing strategies are competitive. Marketers will need to have a clearer view of their long term and short term goals. The future of marketing is not certain in the sense that you cannot predict the innovations that will come along but keeping up with the current trends will help you prepare for the disruptions in the future and ride the wave and enjoy continued success.