SEO Strategy

3 Key Actions Every SEO Strategy Must Include

If an SEO strategy is to be effective, it needs to include a significant number of different strands and within each of them, there will be specific actions, tactics, and techniques.

In practice, the strategy of any single SEO campaign will differ from others depending on the individual who is planning and implementing it.

However, no matter what the nuances are between different SEO campaigns, there are still some basic principles which should be employed in all of them if they are to be successful. Here are three which should certainly be included.

Ensure Your Website Has All The Basics Right

If you are building a house, it will only stay standing if the foundations are solid, and that same principle applies to your website in terms of SEO. You can employ all the tactics you like, but if the basic elements of on-site SEO are not in place, they will be for nothing.

This includes ensuring metadata is correct and optimised for every page, and not just the home page. It also means checking that nothing is going to hinder the load speeds, and that all the security protocols are in place.